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Our products

Our acrylic products are recycled and 100% recyclable, made from Perspex, a non-toxic, pure material. 100% of the acrylic used at Moxi has been supplied by GreenCast acrylic or is recycled. All materials used are 100% recyclable. Confidently plastic. Perspex offers outstanding durability, giving it a longer lifespan, meaning your Moxi acrylics should last a lifetime!


Each piece has been hand-assembled by myself (Mimi) in London and more detailed pieces have been cured with a clear, waterproof solvent. In all aspects of production, I take our planet into consideration, ensuring all unused acrylic is recycled. For each item sold we plant 1 tree, via, giving back where we can!

All our packaging is 100% recycled or recyclable.

We send out all our orders in cardboard boxes with either recyclable or re-used bubble wrap and then put them into a compostable and biodegradable mailer. The thank you cards and business cards included in the order have been made with recycled materials. If you decide to return or exchange your items please return them in the same packaging.

Our carbon footprint

All acrylic pieces have been cut in house, reducing our carbon footprint as we do not out source. All products are made to order which reduces waste and further reduces our carbon footprint.

Our journey towards sustainability

The topic of sustainability has become more and more prevalent and for a good reason. I think it's necessary for businesses to acknowledge and factor in the damage they cause to the environment which is why at Moxi by Mimi we have taken some big steps towards making this business more sustainable. Moxi is a small brand, therefore, having a smaller impact but the journey of sustainability is far from complete. It is our responsibility to make decisions that reduce our impact and bring us closer to a sustainable future. 

If you have any questions about our activity or impact, or you feel that you may be able to help us, don't hesitate to contact us.


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