Women of the week (and what Moxi pieces we think they'd wear)

I am in constant awe of women and how much we can accomplish. Here I have compiled a list of 5 women that have been on my mind for being absolute power houses and then I have photoshopped Moxi earrings onto their gorgeous faces.

Starting with the wonderful Liz Plank. Liz is an award-winning journalist, author and the executive producer and host of several critically acclaimed digital series at Vox Media and NBC News. Liz is the bestselling author of, "For The Love Of Men" and co host of, "Man Enough" podcast where they dive into uncomfortable conversations about "being human" in this day and age, uncovering the ugly truths about toxic masculinity, fatherhood, relationships, patriarchy and everything in between. (I highly recommend this podcast)

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Next we have Shan Boodram. Another inspiring woman. Shan is a certified sexologist with a in B.A. psychology who speaks online and in the media about intimacy and relationships. I have been following her on Instagram for years and I love what she has to say. She speaks about topics from monogamy to parenthood to breakups to self love. To listen for yourself check out her podcast, "Lovers and Friends".

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Next we have Jameela Jamil. Jameela is an English actress, presenter and activist. She couldn't give less of a fu*k and I'm here for it. We need more people who fight for what they believe in, question their own beliefs as well as what they're being told instead of aimlessly following the crowd. Jameela has caved her way, being both adored and vilified for stating her opinions. To see what Jameela is saying, have a stalk on insta @jameelajamil or have a listen to her podcast, "I weigh".

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Shon Faye. Author of the 2021 book, "The transgender Issue: An Argument for Justice", is an English editor, journalist, writer and presenter, known for her commentary on LGBTQ+, women's, and mental health issues. Women talking about taboo topics is my absolute favourite thing in the world and I think more of us need to do it. I push Moxi to be that way inclined as I find it an important quality to have. To hear more of Shon don't forget to check out her podcast, "Call Me Mother".

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Last but by no means least, Emma Dabiri; Sunday Times bestselling author & award winning broadcaster. Emmas books, "Don't touch my hair", "What white people can do next" and "Twisted: The Tangled History of Black Hair Culture", all touch on the taboo topic of racism and what it means to be a black woman in todays world and the history, culture, and racism surrounding Black hair.

As a white woman myself, I have lived a life of privilege with that fact alone but racism is a white people problem. It is extremely important for people like myself to be reading books like those listed above. I encourage those reading this to talk about racism, make the topic less taboo and educate yourself and others.

Do your part.

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Spread love, smile at strangers, hug your friends, dance wherever you are and live easy.

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