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Siargao, surfers paradise: best bits

After exploring Bohol I hopped on a tuk tuk, a boat, a bike and then a plane to Siargao; a surfers paradise. My plan was to leave a pro surfer. I have left and I can confirm I am now a pro surfer. Not really but I tried. I noticed it was a lot more social than Bohol, probably because of the increase in backpackers which I don't normally run towards but I was really craving meeting new people so it was the perfect place to go next.

Earrings shot below are coming soon!! Eeee! Of course I had to find beautiful women to put in Moxi all around the world. This was taken on a boat trip I took with some girlies I met

Below is Kamayan. A traditional Filipino feast which you eat with your hands. No utensils baby. It looked AMAZING and tasted even better.

I really enjoyed Siargao but it was raining more than I would have liked. Vibe was good, people were lovely, food was great, a lot of fun was had. Except maybe the 2 nights of drinking that pushed me to attempt to go the rest of my trip sober (mostly). I'm 5 days in.

My favourite spots in Siargao:

  • Kurvada - a buffet style restaurant, has a mixture of Filipino and western food, gets you full for around 250PHP (£3.70) so its perfect for all you budget travellers.

  • Greenhouse - has the best veggie burger around. Also a pretty banging frozen marg.

  • Ink digger tattoo - I got possibly one of my favourite tattoos here for about 4000PHP (£60). It was the most detailed tattoo I have ever had and for an incredible price.

  • Not a spot but something you need to try: Lechon. A Filipino delicacy & a bloody delicious one at that.

  • Shaka, (there're more locations around the Philippines too) - a vegan/veggie breakfast/lunch spot. A bit on the more expensive side but well worth it. Lovely view of the sea as well.

Pictured below cost 400PHP (£6) at Shaka

I stayed at a place called Mad Monkey. I wouldn't necessarily recommend staying there - not the cleanest - but you NEED to go just to meet Von & Cristian. They are the host/party pushers. Not really sure what the official name for it is but you know what I mean. They honestly made my trip they were so fantastic. 10/10 humans.

I mean look at them.

And we all had crocs so really the friendship was bound to happen...

Would definitely recommend going in dry season (from about March) as I feel as that was where I went wrong but overall I would suggest making your way down to Siargao if you have the chance.

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