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Scuba Diving at Alona Beach

I have officially completely my rescue diver course!! Watch out, I could potentially save your life. I did my AOW (advanced open water) and my rescue course at Sierra Madre Divers. I had a wonderful instructor called Ellie. I was going to do up to my Divemaster but found I much prefer to do it leisurely. I still wanted a challenge so decided to do my rescue anyway. I'm not gonna lie I was a little bit disappointed with the diving here. I think I hyped it up more because its meant to be one of the best places in the world to dive but I've definitely done better. The weather has also been quite rainy so I'll give it the benefit of doubt. Still got a couple good shots.

And I saw a turtle!!

Once I was finished congratulating myself for absolutely smashing it, I walked around Alona beach and decided to take myself on a date. I found a really cute restaurant called Bamboo Place. Asian western fusion, I ordered a pesto burger with fries. I got wine as well and it came to a grand total of 540PHP (£8). I'm never coming home.

I took this trip alone quite happily, I go out for meals and do things on my own all the time but it’s always slightly nerve wracking - I sometimes feel looked at, I don’t always know what to do with myself. But the more I do it the better I get. I was feeling a bit self conscious today. I was listening to a podcast whilst sitting at the bar waiting for my food but it’s weird cos I didn’t know how to sit even, I felt like people were looking at me. It’s funny because I doubt anyone was. And if they were its brief. No one cares. Everyone is so self involved.

I like pushing myself out of my comfort zone. It’s really refreshing. Something that I am consciously doing recently is learning to accept myself fully. FULLY fully. All the ugly but also learning what I adore about myself too. If I don’t accept myself until I’m fully healed then I’d never accept myself. There is always more healing that can be done. I’m having such a wonderful time being on my own. I don’t feel lonely. I feel inspired and motivated to try new things and push myself more than I ever have.

(Moxi blog coming up!!!)

Week 1, done.

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