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The perfect V-Day prezzie from £8 to £30

Have you been searching endlessly for the perfect gift for your lover or friend, and don't want to dent your wallet? Well, you've come to the right place. I'm here to take care of all your gifting needs.

As much as the concept of valentines day baffles me, because I think we should be expressing our love to the ones we love more often than on a day assigned to it; it's still more than lovely to receive a little something from that special someone.

Starting with my personal favourite...

£25 Queen of hearts

The perfect way to show your love to your fav person. These heart dangles are the perfect statement pair of earrings. They're super lightweight you'll barely notice you're wearing them (as are all Moxi products).

For those who just want a little something to give...

£10 Single Checkered Clip

Red, recycled acrylic alligator clip, sprayed with a matte top coat. Amazing for keeping those crazy strays away and adding a bit of colour to any outfit.

(A statement to add to those date night fits)

£30 Kiss me not

Heart shaped kisses, made from colourful acrylic. A lovely gift for those who love to add a contemporary accessory to their (already amazing) look.

£8 Single Lillie Clip

Silver alligator clip back, 100% recycled acrylic, sprayed with a matte top coat. You have the choice of orange, blue or green!

If none of these still aren't hitting the nail on the head, you can check for even more goodies.

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