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How MOXI started

I started Moxi by Mimi in my bedroom in North London at the end of 2020. Purely out of boredom as that was when Covid truly started eating at the soul of everyone in the world. I began with the intention that it wasn't going to be too difficult to make some extra money and maybe it could turn into something more if I put in a bit of effort. Boy was I wrong. I was extremely naive to think starting a business (even if I wasn't fully aware at the time that that's what I was building), alone, was going to

be anything but hard, strenuous, mentally challenging and a BIG financial struggle.

So, to start from the beginning. When I began this journey I started making

unique, bespoke earrings from polymer clay and linking all the pieces together

with, "gold plated jump rings", that I ordered from Amazon because I thought that

if this completely fails then at least I have only lost about a fiver. Turns out people actually quite liked my designs and so I moved on to buying better quality materials.

For a while I was really enjoying what I was doing, I felt like a child playing all day. Until I realised that polymer clay is awful for the environment. You can't even recycle it. So, naturally, I had to change the direction of Moxi because sustainability is something that I have always felt to be important.

I started looking into acrylic and

to my surprise, it was better for the environment than polymer clay but still not as good as I had hoped. I

kept looking and I stumbled across recycled acrylic. I bought a boatload of recycled acrylic from Green Cast Acrylic and that's where Moxi by Mimi truly began.

Almost 100% of items at Moxi are

made from recycled acrylic and

in all aspects of production, I keep sustainability at the forefront, always looking to improve and further push Moxi to be the best it can be for the environment.

Moxi is continuously evolving, growing, learning and everything in between.

It has been a wild ride so far and I expect and only hope it gets wilder. For those of you that have helped

me get to the place I am now, I am forever grateful and I hope you stick with me for the rest.


Mimi xo

To bag yourself some Moxi gems,

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