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El Nido & How much I spent in the Philippines

I left the Philippines after 27 days feeling better than fucking EVER. Honestly feels like I have come so far mentally in a direction I wasn't expecting. I feel more clear and calm than ever. I'm still sober(ish), I have the occasional drink but it's low enough for me to consider it sobriety. I'm feeling very grateful.

Let's talk money. I went over my budget of £1000 by about £300 which averages £48 a day, the biggest things were activities & travel. I've come to realise how spenny it is just to get around then Philippines as you have to fly or get a ferry which can both be not on the cheap side. Not to be a cliché but my fav place was El Nido, my last stop before Bangkok. That also might have something to do with it being the first place I went that had constant sunshine but it was absolutely stunning and I had 2 of my best nights there so it's got my vote. Full moon party on Lio beach is a must if you're there at the right time.

(Always wearing Moxi)

Below is the sunset from Sunset Republica (convienently suggested to visit by my flatmate, thank you Pierre) and was possibly one of the best sunsets I've seen. The colours didn't stop changing it was mind blowing. There's a ton of places to watch the sunset but normally it's really busy but here there were probably 7 other people, Beaut.

If you get the chance to visit El Nido you need to do Tour A & book it through Frendz hostel, the vibes were immaculate. I stayed at a hostel called Spin and it was probably the best hostel I've stayed in so far. The most amazing breakfast (included), warm showers, clean everything, for £13 a night. In comparison to hostels around it's on the expensive side but worth it.

Quick tip

  • They charge an environmental fee and/or terminal fee every time you get on any boat going anywhere so keep that in mind. It ranges from 50-200PHP (£0.75-3) which doesn't seem like a lot but if ya on a budget it's definitely something to budget for

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