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Day 1 in the Philippines

My first morning in the Philippines and I have SMASHED the jet lag. I started sleeping on Manila time 2 days ago (tried to anyway as I was on and off planes for the most part) and it has worked a dream. Fell asleep last night at 12/1am ish and woke up at 9 feeling rested. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. I feel like I've been dropped on a tiny island with not much to do. I've not even left the hostel yet so I'm being prejudiced but from what I can see on the map there isn't much. I'm learning that 90% of the time, what you think is not what you get. That's life. I can only control things that are within my control; myself. And how I perceive and react to situations.

Being out of my comfort zone makes me appreciate the things & people that do give me comfort more than ever. I got a lovely voice message from a friend that lit me up. I couldn't stop smiling. Something I may have brushed off a few minutes later has stuck with me for a while because it gave me comfort. It's nice. It's already widely known that you don't appreciate what you have until it's gone and this is a prime example. My comfort is gone and I am really appreciating the people in my life, the unlimited amount of clothes, the comfort foods and the list goes on.

On another note, I initially I didn't want to get a SIM so I would be forced to be present and in the moment and to find things to do instead of consoling myself with Instagrams endless scroll of reels and dopamine hits. I want to push myself further out of my comfort zone. Make new connections and make the most of every situation. Then I thought well it's probably good to be able to contact someone if I need to especially because there isn't that much around. I'm going to see how today goes and decide if I need one.

Day 1 update:

  • Dumaluan beach is 100 pesos

  • Ants bite

  • Don't think I need a SIM, at least whilst being in Bohol.

For future I found out of an app called Airalo which is an E-sim - bit more expensive but also extremely convenient and saves having to look around for a sim in every new country.

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