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A day in Bohol

Another day another blog. This is the 5th blog in a week, who am I? I also need to come up with better titles. I'm getting there slowly.

Today was full of rain, tours, new friends, then sunshine and cold beers. I started the day with a tour (I hate them but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do) to a few spots around Bohol. We did the countryside tour for 700PHP and turns out nothing on that tour was included so a massive NO THANKS to ever doing that again. I'm going to be asking in detail for any future tours: lesson learnt. You win some you loose some.

The main thing I wanted to see was the Chocolate hills (above) so that’s at least checked off the list. We also went to what we thought was a butterfly sanctuary- turns out they caged 2 monkeys, 1 crocodile, 3 parrots/birds per cage and 6 pythons - I felt horrible that I had just paid 100PHP extra to see this. There was also an outdoor area full of butterflies which felt 20% more ethical but equally un looked after. So little tip - ask more questions before paying for ANYTHING with animals.

I went with a girl from my hostel (I made a friend!!) which was so refreshing as I haven’t had a long nice conversation with anyone since I’ve been here (I'm writing this on day 2) 😂 I moved to a new hostel, moved into a dorm - only gave myself the luxury of a private room for a couple nights to sort out the jet lag. Back to budget. We’re now on Alona beach near my hostel (Moons Fools) super nice btw, and we’re in the sun sun sunshine, both journaling (✨wholesome✨).

I’m feeling calmer. Excited to start the diving course in a couple days (hoping to get to my dive master) but might do half here and half somewhere else as Bohol is super small and it’s a very “quick stop” kinda place so might be more enjoyable doing it somewhere else. Gotta look into it.

Travel tip for hostels:

  • Bring a padlock with you. Most hostels have them for you to buy but it’s more efficient to bring one yourself

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